DanceBody is a dance-inspired fitness class.

NO, you don't have to be a dancer to participate.

YES, it's the best workout!

Dance cardio classes but better! They also involve full body sculpting using resistence bands, light weights, and the Hex-Mat, specific to DB!

Catch me on the schedule! Head to to learn more and to book your class.

Come dance (& sweat) with me!

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BodMod Fitness

BodMod Fitness is the perfect place to workout for everyone who wants to get fit but can't find the time in their schedule. Each class is only 25 minutes!

There are a wide range of classes including barre, cycling, TRX, stretch, HIIT, and many more!

Find me teaching barre, stretch, and full body workouts on Saturday mornings! Head to to see more and find the perfect class for you!


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